Full-Size Steadicam Kit
GPI Titan Arm (cameras from 13-72 lbs.) with 4 blue, and 4 black canisters
GPI Pro Sled
Steadicam Volt V2 Gimbal and Volt Brain
GPI Pro Gimbal
Onboard power for Arri, Panavision, Red, etc.
SmallHD 703 Ultrabright Monitor
Transvideo HD6 Monitor
Cam-Jam Monitor Yoke Mount
Full Preston FIZ 3-motor Wireless Focus Kit
Core Neo-9 98wh batteries and chargers
GPI Pro Custom Vest
Teradek Bolt Wireless HD Transmitter
Dual Kenyon Labs 6-lb Gyrostabilizers
Low mode, and Garfield Hard Mounts
Backstage Steadicam Cart
Dock and Stand
S.O.S. Plate (go from steadi to sticks in less than 60 seconds)

DJI Ronin 2 Kit
DJI Ronin 2 (30lb Camera load, with power and video through slip ring)
6 TB50 Intelligent Batteries
Ronin 2 Handheld Wireless Joystick Controller
Cinemilled Upper Tilt Arm Extensions Stage 1 and 2
Cinemilled Ready Rig GS 30 mm Spindles
Mitchell Washer and 3/8 16 Tie Down Knob for crane/car/dolly/aerial mounts
Force Pro IMU Inertial Motion Control Unit

Ready Rig Vega with Pro Arms and Cinemilled Spindles
(these two options stabilize the 4th axis that electronic gimbal systems don’t account for)

Nodo Film Systems Inertia Wheels 3 Axis
Inertia Wheels wireless remote handwheels controller
compatible with DJI, Movi, emotimo ST4, and virtual production engines
1 Mile wireless range or up to 50ft. hardwire link
Adjustable physical inertia and drag settings
AC or D-TAP Battery Power
Handheld simulation and shake effects
Several mounting options

Eartec Ultralite HD HMEs
5 UL5 Headsets

Ergorig handheld support vest and undersling

This kit is ever-expanding.
Please inquire at or (503) 998-4182 for the latest options and extras.

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